Thursday, May 6, 2010

Breastfeeding Meditation

For my last discovery in the Pagan birthing rituals, I would like to discuss the breastfeeding meditation. In Paganism, breastfeeding is encouraged because it allows for a natural connection between mother and her child. When a baby has latched onto his or her mother and is comfortably nursing, a mother should start to begin practicing deep breaths. While completing this, she is to alleviate all worries and stress from her mind by breathing them out. The next step is to visualize the energy that is wrapped around her and her child. She should practice pushing the healing energy that is present through her body and to her child. This act allows for the good wishes to enter into the infant and not only be nourished by the breast milk, but to also be nourished by the wonderful feelings that are being pushed through by the mother.

Meditation is a popular practice throughout many religions in the world. Even in circumstances where the practice is not religious, people often participate in calming practices such as massage therapy and yoga. Meditation allows for the clearing of one’s mind. To meditate while breastfeeding should result in a phenomenal feeling. Mothers are often overwhelmed and worried about the occurrences throughout the day. However, carrying out this meditation allows for the calming and cleansing of the mother’s soul. In this action, she is allowed to feel her love for her baby and realize that the baby is reliant on her.

Mothers often feel this connection towards their children. It is extremely common to have a deep, almost trance-like situation while feeding a child. This practice allows for the connection between motherhood in general. It is a special action in which one is totally contingent upon another. Letting worries dissipate from one’s spirit can only help in the calming of the child. After viewing this ritual, I may partake in this action when I have my own child. It allows for the passing of love and kindness from one to another, and feel a connection that is stronger than any bond ever felt.

Paganism is not the stereotypical “witchcraft” that is portrayed in the movie theaters and horror stories. It seems they connect with the rest of the world in a way that is very similar to the practices of Hindus and Buddhists. Pagans have a deep connection to nature and feel energy passing from one individual to the next. Parenthood is of vital importance to Pagans. How can a person say that this is a bad thing? Pagans could be considered better parents in some situations because they prepare fully for the birth, and also respect their child as an individual.

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