Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Adding to the Altar

Continuing through the process of birthing a child, I shall move onto what it labeled as “Middle Pregnancy”. The child has been conceived and is being nurtured by the Pagan mother who is awaiting its arrival. One of the Pagan practices during this time is to add seeds, eggs, or a growing plant to the altar. This is symbolic of the idea that the baby is growing. From what I conclude, the seeds represent the ability of the child to grow. No one knows what the child will look like, or behave like, but any fetus has the potential to become something beautiful, much like a seed. The egg seems to symbolize the connection to other animals that are procreating. The egg is a universal representation of something that is growing. It progresses with time, and must be handled with care until one day it releases itself into its natural state. The growing plant represents the idea that the child is growing. With care, the plant will live to be a striving organism that can one day sustain itself if put into nature.

Putting the plant, egg, or seed on the altar seems to be a wonderful way to remind the couple of what will arrive. It is a delicate being that every day depends on the care of another to help it grow to be strong. This practice is much like a pre-natal vitamin that many women take. It serves as a reminder that the baby must nurtured to be given strength. Although cultures assign different meanings to different places, this place is a location that means the waiting and reminder of the child that will come. This may change the ideas of an individual through the idea that Pagans are not all about spells and incantations. It serves to show that these couples are attempting to welcome their child in a loving way.

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