Thursday, April 1, 2010

Birthing Bands

The first topic that I believe is important to discuss is the conception of life. The first step in maintaining a successful pagan pregnancy is to create an altar with objects that are important to yourself which relate to your family. Objects and pictures from the partners’ childhood are strongly encouraged. This, to me, is relatable to the idea that one plans out a certain time to have intercourse in which they think she is most fertile. This is also similar to the idea that certain foods and exercise help to make women and men more potent, thus helping in the production of a fetus. According to Scltneider, a cultural anthropologist, life is but a stage and people simply participate roles in the play of life. Through this, the Pagan woman is simply playing the role of mother than is common to all people of the world. Reminding oneself of what it meant to be an innocent child through photos and artifacts on an altar can remind someone how precious the gift of child-rearing is.

Praying to an altar can be connected similarly to a Christian woman praying to a crucifix, or a Muslim woman praying to Ala. The idea is to get in touch with a higher being and plea for the gift of life. Conception can be argued as one of the most important stages in pregnancy. Life begins there. Creating an altar could be useful for a woman on any religion. It serves as a reminder of the hope that one has to become a mother. The world should take note to think so intimately about creating life.

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