Thursday, April 1, 2010


When giving birth, the Pagan couple should keep a candle lit beside the bed while in labor. It is said to allow for the direction of the light that is about to be reached. This is a very powerful symbol because it shows that the children are the light. This is an extremely common concept among different cultures. They are innocent, and in many cases considered a miracle. Many different cultures use fire as a symbol. It can represent life, destruction, energy, and remembrance. Candles are lit around the world to mourn, to pray, and to start a new life. In a Christian wedding ceremony, two candles light another to symbolize the connection between two people. A candle is also lit during a Christian baptism ceremony. In the Pagan birthing process, the candle seems to represent the idea that the light is the energy that is being brought into the world. Through all the pain and the waiting, there is something good that will result. The candle is used to remember.

There is memory work being put into play here. Through this candle, the forgotten is the pain experienced through the process of giving birth. The remembered is in the light that has arrived from this trial. Nine months have passed while the anticipation of the baby was experienced. The candle works to be a memory work, because in looking at the candle, the couple and its child can look back and remember the experiences of the pregnancy. This could potentially relate to a photo album that is used in the childhood of many children. Albums serve as a memory work in the same way that the candle does. It captures the happiness in ones life and forgets the hurt that was overcome to get there.

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