Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pagan Birthing Rituals

Paganism is a religious belief that focuses on polytheistic worship. The most common branch of paganism is either Wicca or Neo-druidism. Paganism is seen as the modern practice of witchcraft in relation commonly a god and goddess. Many pagans believe in the practice of magic in every day life. However, I plan to study only one branch of the intricate and large religion of paganism. In my blog, I am going to study and discuss the birthing rituals of pagan women.

My interest in this subject derived from one of my first cross-cultural experiences. During my first year in junior high school, I was introduced to many new people. Since I was in the honors program, many of the children were just like me. Some of them did sports, some of them enjoyed music, but everyone was focused on their schoolwork. At that point, I had not been exposed to many different cultures since elementary students do not usually take note to study the different actions of different children. However, when I arrived in junior high, I met a peculiar girl; a girl unlike any I had ever met. She practiced Wicca, which as mentioned before, is a popular branch of Paganism. At first, I judged her. I was unfamiliar with differences among people and therefore I kept my distance from this girl. However, I ended up attended school with her for six years. We were never close friends, but over time I gained a respect for her choice to be different, regardless of the fun that was poked at her. She was called a witch, and people often mocked spells around her. But in the end, nothing drew her away from what she believed in.

I was intrigued by her ability to keep her beliefs; no matter how different they were from everyone else’s. From this, my interest grew. The blog assignment seemed to be the perfect setting to explore this practice and try to understand her perspectives. I decided to specify my interests towards birthing rituals, since most people are familiar with the general practice in our culture. Throughout the blog, I plan to describe the steps that Pagan couples take to arrive at the perfect birth.

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